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Addressing the Polypharmacy Challenge in Older People

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Book Review: Too Many Pills by James Le Fanu

“In just fifteen years the number of prescriptions issued by family doctors in Britain has increased three-fold. Everyone agrees this is too many…”

This is the opening sentence of James Le Fanu’s thought-provoking book: Too Many Pills - How Too Much Medicine is Endangering Our Health and What We Can Do About It. It begs the question that if everyone agrees, then how has this come about? And what is sustaining this situation? These are questions that are of interest to us in the APOLLO-MM project so I was keen to learn what Le Fanu has to say on the matter.


Medication errors: Latest figures show most likely in older people and those experiencing comorbidity and polypharmacy

Najia Sultan, Academic Clinical Fellow reflects on a recently published report which has caught the attention of the media.

Latest research released last week has highlighted worrying levels of medication errors made in the NHS every year. The findings have been widely reported in the popular media and were highlighted by the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt at the Global Patient Safety Summit in London last week.

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